Fall/Winter Clothing Guide

Autumn has officially started… and although it is not getting any colder here in Southern California, I am so looking forward to the fall fashions! I had a broader wish list last year but a much cheaper budget (Forever 21, H&M, and Wetseal). But this time, I am looking for key pieces, albeit a little bit more pricey, that will last me for more fall/winter seasons to come. By the way, if you are interested in any of the ones that I mention below, just click on the name of the item and it should link you to the online store.

H & M Jacket in Dark Gray or Pink ($79.95)

I am in a hunt for a casual, perfect for work, comes with a hoodie type of jacket. I was browsing on the H&M website and found one that looks well made and just what I wanted. The thing is, it’s much more expensive that I had anticipated paying for. Also, I am not sure if I should get the dark gray or the pink one… Hmmm…

Victoria Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Zip Hoodie in Indigo or Purple ($39.50)

I purchased a Victoria Secret Pink pullover hoodie last winter and I LOVE it! Although, again, they are more expensive than what I am used to spending, the hoodie feels great and well made. I have no hesitation in adding a zip up hoodie to my wishlist this time. Again, I am contemplating with the color. Should I get it in indigo or purple?

H & M Scarf in Camel ($12.95) and H & M Scarf in Light Gray/Floral ($12.95)

Who doesn’t like to rock scarves? Heck, if it wasn’t so hot during summer, I would wear it all year! It is one of my favorite fall accessories because it can dress up any basic outfit. I have a few of them that I already enjoy using but I don’t think I can ever get enough of scarves so I want one in a beigey color and a print one. They solid color is made up of acrylic and the floral with polyester. They are both a wide scarf with fringe trim. 

H & M Knee-High Boots in Light Brown ($59.95)

I have had my eye on a knee high camel colored boots since last year and although I was successful with purchasing camel colored boots, it wasn’t knee high. Also, it was a flat boots. This time, it comes with imitation wooden heels (and faux leather… yay!), which is not too high therefore, more practical. I am a little bit hesitant in getting it since it’s $60. I might scout for a cheaper alternative at my local store but worse comes to worse, this is coming home with me. 

Go Jane Lace Up Leatherette Platform ($41.55)

I wrote a blog post regarding laced up booties prior to this post (click here to check it out) and I specified how I am loving booties for this coming fall. So I am pretty sure that I will be purchasing this to rock with leggings, tights, shorts, skinnies, and dresses for fall & winter. 


So that is my fall/winter fashion wish list for this year… it is much more succinct and specific than last years’ but like I said earlier, it is much more expensive. I better start saving up! Hope you enjoy the post. =)

Photos were taken from websites linked in the descriptions.

Anonymous said: the Jeffrey Campbell's are the original and they come in vegan leather, look up JC Vita.

Awww! Thank you so much for letting me know. I did look it up. You’re right, there is a vegan alternative. It’s still pretty steep at $140 but hey, it’s $20 cheaper. Again, thanks!

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Current Obsession: Laced Up Booties

Booties were very in last fall and this year is no exception. But this time, I am actually interested in them! Earlier today, I posted a picture from weheartit and I just fell in love. Click here for the post. I just LOVE everything about it. I love the chunky heel, the laces, and the thick platforms. So naturally, I looked for it on DSW but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything remotely similar to it. So I went on Aldo. And voila, they had it! Below are the pictures.

Aldo in Caram

It is VERY similar to the one I had seen and reblogged… However, if you noticed, the laces don’t tie at the top. When I checked the price… it was $160. Yeah, $160! YIKES. Then I remembered one of the outfit of the day post of Dulce Candy on her blog (click here for her OOTD). It looks gorgeous on her and she actually posted where she got it. 

Jeffrey Campbell in Lita

This was MUCH more identical to the post from earlier… if it’s not the EXACT same thing. The price was pretty much the same, $159.95 at Nordstrom. Besides the price (which I can get over seeing as I know this will be good quality shoes), they are made up of leather (which explains the high price). And I try to stay away from anything that was made from animals like leather. I have recently become a pescetarian and as a result I have become much more aware of animal cruelty. I don’t want to be a part of it. So as much as I love the shoes, I don’t want to contribute to the leather industry. Good thing the internet is a great resource so I looked up dupes for the Jeffrey Campbell booties and found that Go Jane has them.

GoJane.com Lace Up Leatherette Platform

As you can see, it is not the exact same thing… the heels are not the same color (I really enjoyed the two-tone ones) but it is made up of leatherette or faux leather! And the icing on the cake? It’s a fraction of the price! You can get it for $41.55 right now (they are having a 10% discount on this specific shoe). So I might just have found my go to booties for this fall! Go ahead and purchase yourself some too. You can thank me later!

*Update: I was just informed that there is actually a vegan alternative to the original Jeffrey Campbell laced up booties. Instead of Lita, it’s called Vita. I checked it online and it’s true! Although, the price is still a bit expensive ($140) it is cheaper than the original.*

Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P…. WANT!
Photo was taken from Google

Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P…. WANT!

Photo was taken from Google

Kate Somerville exfolikate… WANT!

Picture was taken from Google

Kate Somerville exfolikate… WANT!

Picture was taken from Google